Packing Tape

Everyone knows the sound of crisp packing tape stretching over a box. It’s that high pitched sound that gives the impression that something is ripping. It might be an unpleasant sound, but it’s also the sound of taking all that you own and moving forward. In some ways, people might argue that it is a symbolic sound.

If you’ve ever gone through any kind of move that involves boxes, chances are that you’ll be dealing with packing tape. It can be tough to figure out which tape will do the job. After all, you are trusting that this tape will hold together boxes that carry many of your belongings. Some of these belongings might even be fragile. As a result, we totally understand your desire to figure out the best options when it comes to packing tape.

Below, we’ve included some pointers for you to consider when you are buying packing tape. We hope that it will inspire and educate you to pack to the best of your abilities. Read on below!

Getting the Right Kind


One thing that can be very difficult with packing tape is to find stuff that is waterproof. A lot of times during a move, your boxes will be exposed to some moisture. It’s important that you use good tape so that water can’t seep in through the corners.

Many hardware stores do in fact sell waterproof packing tape. This might be a little bit more expensive, but it is totally worth your effort.