Couplertec And Electronic Rust Proofing

CouplerTec is professional electronic protection against rust developed in Australia for vehicles. Ceramic protection has been made available to vehicle owners around the world and has proven to be a friendly and cost-effective method of rust and corrosion protection. If you need rust protection for your vehicle, whether it is a car, 4×4, truck, machinery, shed, or static construction, call +61423516449 or visit Ceramic Protection Brisbane.

CouplerTec systems

CouplerTec systems have passed tests by the International Corrosion Testing Centre that show CouplerTEC technology is effective against rust formation. Ceramic Protection Brisbane trusts that electronic rust protection and electronic rust protection work because they have tested all rust protection and prevention methods and offer no other rust protection than Couplertec.

Electronic rust protection systems, which reduce the maintenance and repair costs associated with corrosion, are used in a variety of applications such as automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics. Unlike traditional rust protection methods, CouplerTec systems are effective, easy to use, people-friendly, and reduce maintenance and repair costs associated with corrosion.

Electronic rust protection systems for motor vehicles are designed to protect motor vehicles from rust. There is no question that every CouplerTecs should prefer electronic rust protection systems for its motor vehicle. And, of course, suppliers of electronic rust protection systems can boast that their products work at least as well, if not better than Couplertec.

Rust and corrosion can be a major cause of damage to your computer, car, and other electronic equipment, which is why you should use our rust protection systems. For example, there are electronic rust detection systems on the market as well as products that combat corrosion. Electronic rust protection, also known as cathodic protection (CP), is offered by new car dealers and can be added to new hybrid vehicles as rust protection.

Corrosion research has shown that cathodic protection can slow-rust in boats, but not in cars. CouplerTechs “patented rust protection technology has passed tests in the International Corrosion Testing Centre and proved to be effective against rust formation. Our system is not expensive for underbody rust protection and delivers long-lasting, high-quality results.

Couplertec’s patented capacitive coupling technology

couplertec electronic rust proofing

couplertec rust proofing brisbane

CouplerTEC’s patented capacitive coupling technology disrupts the electric charge of iron and oxygen, making it more difficult for them to bond to rust. An electronic rust protection system is installed when a mechanic is working on a problem and there is a weak electrical current in the metal of the vehicle. The electric current can disturb the charge of the metal and oxygen to prevent the formation of rust.


Corrosion is a natural process that occurs when metal, air, moisture, oxygen, and water merge. The oxygen steals electrons from the iron and the iron disappears, causing rust. Corrosion, oxidation, and rust mean the same thing: water, salt, and pollutants are dissolved in your vehicle.

All vehicles are made of metal, which means that exposure to air can lead to rust. As a result, a vehicle must have an active rust protection system that protects the vehicle from rust before corrosion can take hold. To reduce maintenance costs, supplementing your vehicle with a CouplerTec system can help to extend the service life of your vehicle components.

To get the best prices for their cars, people take careful measures to ensure the longevity of their cars, such as protection against corrosion and rust. Car owners who live in wintry climates worry that at the end of the day they will have to remove the road salt from their vehicles to avoid rust. However, it is not so easy for cars that are not stainless and have such fraudulent electronic things.

It’s a cruiser I don’t care, but I think a lot of people expect the electronic system to stop rusting from starting up, which it doesn’t do. I have a mate who has been leasing a new car for 5 years and has asked me if they should consider it for repair, and I said no, I won’t bother with rust and the next poor vacuum cleaner won’t have a problem.

The word “theory” is often used in electronic rust prevention brochures and other comments on various Internet discussion forums, but research shows that vehicles equipped with these devices have less corrosion than they would otherwise have, Iny says. Device manufacturers have a lot of anecdotal evidence from satisfied customers, says Iny, and I haven’t seen any studies that show that these devices protect your car on the road. It is claimed that experiments are flawed and that much of the electronic rust protection system relies on colored films to insulate the metal and provide a dielectric-capacitive pair of works.

When the system was installed on my 6-month-old BT50 by a service representative in 2013, I found rust on one of the doors. I have had my ERP system for more than a decade and was very impressed when I removed it from my old stainless Jimny and installed it on my new Jim. I didn’t have any rust on the wall, I didn’t start and I didn’t look at the car.

CouplerTec, on the other hand, reaches 100% of the surface and prevents rockfall and rust formation, a system that can take over the next vehicle. That is, the Coil Cab tray sits on a rubber pad that hinders electronic protection, and the tray shows a bit of rust, but looks good. The body is great because of the anti-corrosion coating.